Chuck Holden


Chuck HoldenPhotographer & Owner

Philosophy:   Capturing moments in time is my way to reflect on and appreciate this beautiful world we live in.  Translating my love for photography into a business has been my greatest joy!


Client Focused:   I take pride in every photo shoot I do.  I've built my good reputation on going above and beyond until my clients are totally satisfied.


 Grateful: Every day is a gift from God and I try to make the most of all of them.  I am especially grateful to each and every one of my clients for allowing me to partner with them in the very important task of finding homes for the amazing families of this community!



Pete SalterVideographer & Photographer

Sheri BrasingtonPhotographer 

I've lived in Columbia ,SC since 1984,  with a couple of years in Canada and Africa in the mix.  I've got two amazing kids and an even more amazing wife that give me a reason to get up and get after it every day!


Sheri has been a real estate photographer since 2005 when she began working for Property Show and has been working with Chuck since 2015.  When she’s not taking pictures she is busy with her friends, family and her cute little grandson who was born in May 2018.